About Sunset Laundry

As the second owner, we've been busy here over the last couple years. We've been detailing the business in every way, by building a "Kids Lounge" complete with graphics of the inside of a fish aquarium painted on all the walls. Our lounge offers a selection of free movies, table and chairs for homework with clean carpeted floors just for you to hang out in. We've added an ATM machine, 2 video games for children, gum ball machines and flat screen TV's and we now except credit cards and sell soaps over the counter.

Recently, we were able to relocate the front counter and make it bigger to offer more products. We also built a small theater for our customers enjoyment, to get comfortable in.

Sunset Laundry is the cleanest store in the region. Children are welcome here and end up playing on the floor as it is so clean. Also, our colors and décor are soft and warm. There is a very comfortable feeling here. Low ceilings with ceiling fans and live plants gives you the feeling of a home.

Our staff happens to be the most friendly and willing to help staff of any store in the industry. They've been taught how competitive any business/industry can be and in order to separate us from the competition, we are all about customer service. We will help unload and load cars. We are very patient with new customers in showing them how to operate the machines. We help mothers with toddlers as they load the machines. We strive for compliments and get them quite often.

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